Friday, April 16, 2010

supplement secrets

I have to tell you about two supplements that I am learning to live by. I have had trouble sleeping for years, and a few years ago my mom suggested I try l'theanine to relax before falling asleep. It is a supplement that lessens anxiety and promotes relaxation. I was reluctant to try it thinking it was some hippie remedy, but finally I did. Over the past few months I have become addicted (not really...). I have actually switched to Melatonin for a sleeping aid, and use l'theanine for anxiety. They are both subtle but effective, and they can both be found at Whole Foods. Enjoy!


  1. i'm beginning to think this blog is a compilation of some of our convos and exchanges. i loves it

  2. I take both of these too, mostly to help with Restless Leg and its been life changing.

    Love your blog!

    Lady Hatch