Monday, September 27, 2010


i'm highly enjoying this little blog... kissssing

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My roommate and I were recently trying to figure out how to cook eggplant, it's a surprisingly intimidating food. I had no idea where to start with it, or what to do with it, but we knew we had to attempt something. I came across this recipe last week, and cooked it for dinner on Friday. I opted for the orzo version first and later used the leftovers on top of mixed greens for a delicious salad. It was SO easy to make and really delicious as well, I suggest you hope over to the store for some eggplant ASAP!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Portland in Review

Okay I know it has taken me a week, and again I apologize but it's just hard to find time/get motivated to blog these days! I had a BLAST in Portland. I told one friend it scored 8/10. I don't give such high ratings easily, I would give Austin & New York City 10/10, San Francisco 9/10, Seattle, Denver & Portland are all 8/10 cities. Boulder does not get a rating because I refuse to call it a city, it is a town (maybe not officially but in my book at least).
I loved Portland for many reasons; food, happy people, friends, weather (time sensitive of course), etc. My favorite thing about this trip was the hotel we stayed in, The Nines. The Nines was fabulous in an affordable, comfortable, luxurious, delicious way. Rooftop bar/restaurant, comfortable beds, extremely friendly staff, beautifully decorated, the list can go on and on, I might go as far to say it's my new favorite hotel.
{Ally & I at Departure, the rooftop bar}

On Saturday night I went out with an old friend to Ron Tom's (no website, but here is an article) and it was the perfect mix of classy, and comfortable. I give this bar a 10/10 (cheap drinks, comfortable couches, outdoor patio, friendly-ish bartenders). Call me crazy, but I just really enjoy a bar that feels classy and upscale (you won't feel out of place in heels) and sells you drinks for $3.

Sunday we brunched at Besaw's on 23rd Ave, it was delish (I would recommend the proscuitto benedict). 23rd Ave is scattered with restaurants, retail stores, and coffee shops, it was the perfect way to walk off breakfast and do some last minute shopping at once!