Sunday, March 14, 2010

l'elegange: positive attitudes

The weather this weekend in Boulder, Colorado was absolutely fabulous. Not to sound cheesy, but anyone that has ever lived here knows exactly the days I'm talking about. Sunny, 60-70 degrees, rooftop bars are calling your name... My friend Julia and I used to call them sunshine days and we would sit on our friend's front porch soaking up the sun and drinking Sunshine. But today, the sunshine is over. It's cloudy and 36 degrees. So even though I want to lay in bed all day, doing nothing but watching movies and avoiding my long to-do list, I will embrace this quote.
Having a positive attitude is downright annoying sometimes, but I have found that sucking it up, making the best of things, and looking for the positive in every situation has helped me get through some situations I would have rather avoided all together. On that note, let me say Happy Sunday! I wish you all luck in completing the tasks you have avoided all weekend, and setting the stage for a wonderful week!

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