Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evil Luggage for an Evil Task

Packing is such a bitch. I will be packing this week for my 10 day spring break vacation to San Francisco and Austin. Having this beautifully evil Alexander McQueen luggage would make packing so much easier....
What is the best way to pack? When I travel I want to be prepared for every situation or outing I'm going to, and I want to look appropriate for each. A few of my planned outings for this trip include endless happy hours, drinks in the castro, a bachelorette party, rehearsal luncheon, and a wedding that I am a bridesmaid in. Needless to say there are a few key outfits I better remember to put in my suitcase, but what about everything in between? Not to mention the shoes (how many is too many?), make-up, and accessories.
I am such a planner, and OCD freak about my life and house, I keep my hairbrush in the same place, my make-up never leaves the bathroom, my clothes are organized by color hanging in my closet, so trying to pack my organized life into a suitcase for a week is exactly the opposite of fun. Don't get me wrong, I love traveling, and I'm ecstatic about going on this trip, but the process of changing my everyday routine into a travel savvy practice is harder than I want it to be.
So as I begin this week, I will be taking on the evil task of packing, wishing I had beautiful luggage to make it easier, all the while dreaming of my first glass of wine on the plane to San Francisco.

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