Thursday, March 25, 2010

l'elegance: home decor

This website is gorgeous. Hopefully one day when I'm rolling around in dollar bills and bathing in only Evian water I can hire this interior decorator for a few of my houses! Thanks to the lovely Shannon for this website. My favorite is the pink chairs over the zebra rug in the San Francisco residence. Unfortunately these days I will be sticking to a different form of home decor.
The ability to decorate on a budget is clutch, and I have been trying to perfect my skills. So far, I think some good guidelines are to splurge on things for your bed. Sleep is one of the most important factors for good health, so spending a little extra on soft sheets, or a down comforter is worth it. In terms of cutting costs, go for cheap brands on curtains, accent rugs, and frames. People will be focusing on the pictures in the frame, not the frame itself. Not to mention Target has some great frames for great prices. My last rule, or piece of advice is to never force something in your room or house. Just because you need a coffee table doesn't mean you should buy one that you don't love. Wait until you find great pieces you love, then you will not only love your home, but you will take better care of the pieces too!
I'm moving in August and already trying to figure out how I want to decorate, so far these are a few things I'm hoping to purchase: this poster, these tiles, and this vase. I might even try to make my own headboard. For more inspiration, ideas, and pictures, check out this website!

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