Wednesday, March 10, 2010

l'elegance: return policies

Fabulous return policies are not necessarily elegant but they definitely are the opposite of evil. When realizing a high-waisted belt I purchased, was a size too big, I was so relieved to remember I bought it somewhere that it could be easily exchanged. Everyone today is busy, and our lives get hectic, so how are we supposed to keep all of our receipts on file for when we make a mistake shopping? Luckily, there are a few stores, that have wonderful return and exchange policies. Knowing this, and loving this, should encourage you to honor this. So just because a store will accept a return a year after you purchased something, doesn't mean you should return it when you get tired of it. Respect the stores that allow lenient returns, they have these policies in place to promote loyal customers, not borrowers. I say this not to preach a message, but because in the past I have been guilty of abusing these policies, and currently I am making a conscious effort to make smart shopping decisions, and only use the return/exchange policy when it is ethical.
Being the internet addict that I am, I obviously love shopping online. Thus, my new favorite part of a return policy, is the freedom to order online and make returns in store. I once ordered some shoes from Steve Madden, and when they didn't fit, I drove them to the store, only to find out I would have to fill out a return form, print out a label, and pay to ship them back to the warehouse. Here are a list of stores that have great return policies regardless of shopping in-store, or online:

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  1. RETURN THE FRYES TEALE! those boots are zooooooo last year. moral smoral.