Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dog fever

[spanky @ 4 months]

Honestly, I have never been a dog person. That is, until my boyfriend bought a dog in January. Now, I am obsessed. I love this puppy so much and have a new appreciation for all canines. Although my boyfriend's dog has basically become my dog I can't stop thinking about buying a new one, because let's be honest, Spanky definitely needs a friend to play with. I have been head over heels for a Bernese Mountain Dog, until yesterday I met a Saint Bernard and was instantly swooning. That is until later last night I discovered French Bulldogs! I have always wanted huge dogs, but now that we have Spanky (a rotweiller that will probably weigh 120 lbs.) I can't help but think a small dog could be a cute addition. It definitely makes more sense for me at this point, but my heart always has a soft spot for the larger pups as well. Unfortunately every dog that I am crushing on right now costs upward of $1000.00 so it will be a while before I purchase any dog, but I can dream right?

[bernese mountain puppy]
[saint bernard puppy]
[french bulldog puppy]

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